Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Ive been a slacker.....

Man time flys when your life is crazy. If it hasn't been one thing, its been another. Im 12 weeks tomorrow and then out of the first trimester. That went fast!! After weeks of complaining about not feeling pregnant, I defiantly got my pay back. I'm sick almost every night and some mornings. I'm hoping it will go away soon, to many meals have been ruined by coming back up. We have are next appt on March 2nd and we'll be around 14 weeks. I'm hoping (i know its crazy) to get a guess on what were having. I know its to early to know for sure but Ive heard of a few people who were able to tell. So far everyone's guess is a girl, so we will see how right everyone is!

Other then the baby we've got cruising on the brain. We leave in a little over 17 days and are scrambling to get all the stuff ready. Buying new dresses and swim suits. I have been a little reluctant to buy any new clothes, Im scared of my growing belly. Ive bought a couple maternity shirts and some pants (omg they are so comfy- I might where them forever). We've been buying a lot of boy baby clothes for my sister and its fun! I cant wait to start buying for my own little one. I did buy this really cute Ed Hardy jacket that will go good for either.

I also found out I'm going to be hosting my sister's baby shower. Its already become something I'm looking forward to. Ive picked out the cutest theme ( I cant tell you its a surprise) and begun buying decorations and planning games. Its going to be a lot of fun! Gives me something to help pass the time.

Hopefully Ill have some exciting news here in the next few weeks, until then...........

Enjoy my growing Belly!!

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  1. OMG look at your baby bump!!! How cute :) I love it :)