Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well its a boy!

Ok, sorry its been so long. After coming home from our cruise (which was amazing) life has been soo crazy. Im trying to finish up this last month of school so I can have some time to relax. We found out right before we left that we are having a BOY!!. My dh is off the wall excited and I cant stop buying him cute little clothes. Im 20 weeks now and I feel like a beached whale. I can still wear some of my pre-preg jeans but Ive noticed my shirts aren't quite covering me like they used to. I cant believe its half way over. I feel so unprepared. We've decided to go for a jungle themed nursery and are going to order the bedding next week. I'm so excited for him to finally come but I need the time to get ready. Next Monday we go for our big ultra sound which is a little scary. It will also be cool because its a 3d one so we'll get to see him really well.

I think my last appt I was up to 6 pds gained which sounds good to me since it feel like im carrying an extra 20 pds. Our boy was measuring a little small last appt so we'll have to keep an eye on him but the dr said he should be hitting a major growth spurt soon.

Heres one for all you moms out there!
Take a load off and have one on me...........

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