Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Baby's 5 months old

Where did the time go....... 5 months already. Its crazy because she hasnt been here long but I can imagine how my life was without her. Shes mommy and daddy's everything.
Heres a few pictures of her:

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy new year!

We were so blessed in 2009 that we can only hope that 2010 is just as good. Even with the bad came good, through an unfortunet event when were able to reconnect with some of our extended family, Who we value our time with now! We add a beautiful daughter to our lives and have grown together as a family. It couldnt have been a better year.

We just hung out with our family on new years eve. This year we actually made it to midnight (last year I was lame). Averie got to wear her sparkley party dress, and looked so cute!

Averie had her 4 months shots and picture last week. The pictures turned out really cute. We got the go ahead from our ped. to start baby food and rice cereal. We started with bananas this week and she loves them. She'll suck the spoon clean off! She also thinks shes a big girl and wants to hold the spoon. That doesnt turn out to well. Its sad to see my baby grow up so fast!

Averie eating from start to finish! I cant believe how well she picked it up. She loves her "nanas"!